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Possibilities of Career for Architect

Amira Paramitha


1. Architect
This profession is what makes the students want to study in architecture. But because of the expensive equipment to become a professional architect and intense competition, a lot of architectural graduates fail to become an architect.
2. Consultant
The architects often choose this path because it’s easier to make money compared to professional architects. Consultant is a design advisor both in terms of structure and cost.
3. Contractor
Because of the wide scoop of architecture, architect can be contractor. Contractor itself works as translator of an architect’s design to make it into a building.
4. Developer
Developer is a multifaceted business, encompassing activities that range from the renovation and re-lease of existing buildings to the purchase of raw land and the sale of improved land or parcels to others. Developers are the coordinators of the activities.
5. Lecturer
Being a lecture makes an architect gain the most update knowledge and development in the world of architects, where gaining knowledge is their job.
6. Marketing
Architect’s ability to present their work and their creativity makes architects is able to work in the marketing area.
7. Entrepreneur
Entrepreneur that I mean here is not opening his or her own architectural firm, but opening a material shop, graphic design service, or model maker service and other thing that still have a connection with architecture.
8. Artist or Musician
Architecture is a combination of art and engineering, allowing architect to become an artist or musician. For example, Erwin gutawa, a well-known musician in Indonesia is an architecture graduate.
9. Writer
Architects can turn their knowledge into a book. One architect who became a writer is Imelda Akmal who became a writer from “seri menata rumah.”
10. Photographer
Our understanding of composition and lightning make us be able to choose this profession as our other possibility of career.

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