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Architecture is really about creating space. Humans do activities, they have needs and wants. This gives birth to the need of space to accommodate activities to take place. However, space is created through a series of development steps. This is how i perceive those steps:


The first step of creating a space is to find the location, which is where the space is going to be constructed. Usually there are location borders to show the span of the space itself.


The next need for the space will be protection, which is usually represented by walls, to protect from another dangerous living being or danger on the ground. There is also a concept of roofing to protect from the rain and any other possible danger from above.


It will be natural to add doors and also windows so people, natural lighting, and air flow can have some access to the space within the protection boundaries. The roof of the model is also averted to the other side to show that there is also a possible room for creativity and it is possible to find newer, better ways to use the elements of protection in creating a space.


The more advanced, the more needs. A space needs to give a sense of security, both physically and also mentally. The psychological security would be privacy, and hence a series of fences is added to the space borders. The front part is left open to show welcoming approach to the close neighborhood, like the houses in small, traditional villages.


A space can only function as a space when it is able to accommodate the intended activities inside. Activities are done by people inside the space, leaving a trail of memory and therefore life. The space inside the house would be a positive space, where comfort can be achieved.


When all the needs are taken care of, there is a room for wants, including the need to show individuality. Individuality is represented by different colours and also new additional boundaries to create negative space, where activities can be done freely without any directed or intended purposes. Extra fence is also added with a person outside, showing the extra need for privacy in a more technologically advanced society such as in the big cities that we have today.

Hence, space starts with nothingness and ends with the existence of activities, and therefore life, in it. It is very important that the space we create can actually accommodate the intended activities while giving the best possible chance for the user or inhabitants to use it properly, that is, to live in it.

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