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Digital Technology in Architecture

by Andika Ibnu Praditya – 1006717590

Digital Technology has helped architect to become more digitalized. The presence of Computer Aided Design programs such as AutoCAD and ArchiCAD has really helped architects in their design of a building. Many architects have said that CAD has made their work easier and has really had a big impact in the architectural world. But can the architects today with the help of CAD still be able to compete with architects from the past that did not use CAD in any of their designs?

Architects of the past have used traditional methods such as sketches, hand drawings, free drawings, and perspective drawings by using their hands. They have created many incredible designs which have now been an iconic figure in some parts of the world. Take for instance the Empire State building in New York for example. This building was built by architects Shreve, Lamb and Harmon in 1929-1931[1]. At that time of year, the existence of CAD was not presence, but they were able to create a building that is still standing to date and is still an iconic figure in New York City. This just shows how architects of the past can achieve great honors without the help of digital technology.

Nowadays, architects are starting to depend on digital technology to help them in creating their building designs and they are starting to leave the old method of hand drawing the designs. The use of digital technology such as Computer Aided Design seems to be a must in designing buildings because they say that the digital technology can help make the work more precise in terms of measurement. But the feel of drawing is no longer felt and this can create architects that do not have the basic method of design which is drawing it by hand.

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Empire_State_Building an article about the empire state building.

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