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The Expression of a Nation

Architecture is explicitly known as an expression applied in a building. It is very common for people to apply their taste in their building. If you have ever watch http://www.mtv.com/shows/cribs,  in a scale of a personal house, people tend to express their expression in the form of their house. Architecture is not simply to make something looks good. In many cases Architecture is a way of expressing their ideas. in a similar approach of understanding the role of architecture, it is very common too that a nation will be expressed in their architectural infrastructure. After its Independence, Indonesia then rise and build its capital city, the momentum of joy and pride post war has propelled this county to build it. the complex in Monas has a very expressive purpose for this nation. The Monas itself, being one of Indonesia’s landmark, is one way of expressing the pride of this nation. The Monas is known for its golden tip. Without being told, it is easy to tell what does the building have to show. The mosque Istiqlal is also an example. In the show “Mata Rajwa”(22:30 May 11, 2011) it is said that Ir. Soekarno once said “If our ancestor build Borobudur and last until this date, I will make the Istiqlal to stand for thousands of years”. It was also said that the grand Cathedral in the complex was also the master plan. It was build to show the tolerance of the nation. And the statues in Indonesia, in the Hotel Indonesia Runabout, in Pancoran was also build in the timeframe. it was also expressing the expression of freedom. So there we have it, in the larger scale of a nation, Architecture can also find its way as a form of expression.

Monas, Indonesia's landmark, known for its golden tip

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