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Sustainable Architecture

by : Sheiren – 1006717691

What is Sustainable Architecture ? 

Why is it very important for our future development ?

There are two questions that can be answer by us as a future architect to give best contribution for our environment. It is better to know what is sustainable architecture and the purpose itself, so we can know a lot of information about this project and the ideas how to make it real.

Sustainable architecture is based on our creativity how to make a building on healthy environment. The purpose of this construction is to make it the function of building on energy and resource efficiency ,such as :

  • minimising non-renewable resource consumption
  • enhancing the natural environment

Sustainable building also strive for another quality such as economic,politic,and environmental performance. It will gives impact of companies who handle resources and re-arrange of their management to contribute about saving resources, reducing a lot of energy consumption (energy conservation), and improving the environment quality itself.

There is life cycle between human and environment and sustainable building as a mediator between them gives solution to take the environment quality by increasing the function of the bulding but its still eco friendly.

You can see there are a lot of developer who selling their projects and the market of housing is increased sharply but the answer is do they built the project meets the green criteria? You can see on Indonesia property that a lot of projects has built the upcoming project in eco city concept. It means that they want to give revolutionary on the concept design and hope it will help to bring better environment.

The OECD project has identified five objectives for sustainable buildings:

  • Resource Efficiency, the way to safe more resources.
  • Energy Efficiency (including Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction and carbon foot print)
  • Pollution (including Indoor Air Quality and Noise Abatement), applying system to reduce pollution by planting a lot of greeneries.

Based on that criteria, we can try to give best efforts for giving a better life for our environment, such as :

  1. Decrease fuel consumption by do not often use vehicles
  2. Design the building by minimize the cost and using non renewable material for construction because it can’t be recycled on short time.
  3. Learning from local traditions about material for giving better construction techniques.

If the criteria on above have been fulfilled, we try our building as a “green “one. This can be fulfilled if our building has meet on sustainable building criteria.

A green building is good concept for giving better health. The criteria to fulfill this one is same as the sustainable but we have to focus on the major issue which is cost of the building, because it will spend a lot of money, starting from developing and maintaning. Making green building is not easy as we thought.

Considering to the large budget for construction, we need to provide commitment to better process, keeping good relation on teamwork, and getting a lot of information on how these are best applied. That’s the basic that architect can do for creating sustainable building.


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  1. architectureintlprogram
    May 14, 2011 at 4:35 am

    yeh you right, as the architect we have a important role to make our environment better, we can also do small things to make our life greener. maybe with minimize the using natural source and also by buying produce, meat, honey and grain from local organic farmers, helping them stay in business to bring a very healthy product, and benefit from eating locally grown food. No shipping, no gassing, no irradiation, no banned chemicals on your food.

    by yudithia adelin

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