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An Architect ‘s Contribution on Flood in Brisbane, March 2011

by : Sheiren FJ -1006717691

There were many printed and electronic medias which have published this topic as a headline news on their media. Who’s expect that Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland which getting flood on March 2011? No one expected that they trapped in flood. Because of this natural disaster, people in Brisbane had a lot of problem to save their life and they didn’t get the idea how to solve it. This is an interesting topic to discuss it more and more.

Brisbane has getting recovery after more than a month after flooding. The floods started in late December and peaked in mid-January. There were a lot of victims at there approximately 22 people has been killed, left a lot of homeless, destroyed countless buildings, and damaged public facilities. It caused by Cyclone Yasi, a tropical storm that hit Queensland’s northern coast on February 3.

The geometry association has said that heavy rain will be fallen between August and January, and it still continuous rain in December, and by the end, it gives the result about overflowing rivers through the state. Lockyer River, as the main river who have a capability to accommodate the water, has overflooded and it affected Brisbane on high level flooding.

Causing largely by a La Niña effect, Queensland has predicted as the wettest one which got flood in massive amount..

The floods has affected on infrastructures such as electrical, economy has dropped down, and leaving hundreds of vehicles. The transportation couldn’t be used and it is closed started from January 10 until February 22. The highways were totally off on used, and many roads were reduced to single lines.

During this case, there are a lot of volunteer who response to help Bribane get the spirit back.

There were many architects, engineering, and construction supplier has contributed on this disaster. The questions is how can they maintain all this project in short time and give the best result for citizens ?

A lot of organizations such as the Australian Institute of Architects and Emergency Architects Australia (EAA) sent volunteers into the affected areas. They help those people who are not rich and confused how to continue their life. The company supplier also participated by providing bobcats and trucks to accommodate the victims.

They started to collect the funding for Recovery and they have coordinated with local governments and federal. They have announced that they have collected $400 million from local institutions.

The funding will be used for rebuilding Queensland, and few parts in Australia. They need volunteer engineering, architects who qualified to handle this project. They will re-build the house as the Queensland board for urban places that Government has agreed this project on the architect plans. This is the basic step to rebuild Queensland.

Basically, it started from little to concern on reconstruction and it will continous to other step if the Queensland board has finished.

We can see that as an architect, we can not just to prioritize to learning a lot of profits. We have to pay attention on our environmental issues and find the solution how to solve it. We need to contribute to help each other and also how to give the best effort for participating on our environment. That is the purpose that we have to fight for as an architect.

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