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New Library UI, is this a real life ?

new library UI in the night,

this in new this is a new building about 110 billion needed to build this beautiful library. Architectural style is usedvery modern and adjust the environment. when I first saw seemed to be visible oncethis building will become an icon next UI (which has always prided Rectoratebuilding). During the visit there a lot of amazing things that can be encountered,such as the number of facilities that will be provided to support student activities.

a glimpse of buildings is similar to the buildings designed by renowned architecture,Cesar Pelli. The building is Adrienne Carnival Center in Miami


by Yudithia Adelin
Categories: Sustainable Building
  1. architectureintlprogram
    May 26, 2011 at 2:37 am

    I really like how this library glows in the night and seems quite empty in its surroundings–it really stands out! Hmm, so does this mean that the library will become a new icon? Does that mean the university has turned for change? What about the other buildings? Are there other ‘new’ buildings that have been built in the university? I wonder what the university officials think..
    O yea, how is this a sustainable building?
    -Sofie Januarti

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