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Green Building Council Indonesia

The awareness of always keeping a sustainable approach in architecture has been a growing concern in the last couple of decades. Architects now not only try to maintain their ability in meeting the client’s nee but also in maximizing the possibilities and potentials of the local site where their building or space will be create.

However, in order to achieve such ‘green’ architecture’ culture, architects will need some set of guidance of how to meet the local’s environment requirements. Lucky, now such thing is taken care of by a non-profit, independent (not owned by the local government) organization called the Green Building Council Indonesia.

This local organization, which is established recently in 2009, in ’emerging member’ of the central organization known as the ‘World Green Building Council’ which is located in Toronto, Canada. The GBCI is intended to work together with the construction firms, property sellers, the government, local schools and institutions, and also the local green communities. Their main project is focused on issuing green certificate approval that is called a ‘GREENSHIP’. They also hold regular dinners, training and also still recruiting staff.

As future architects, it is very useful to be aware of the existence of local building councils, so when it comes to real life designing projects we know where to go to find our standard in making buildings which won’t only accommodate people activity in it, but the ones that can also help in making our beloved country a better, healthier place to live and grow.

information is gathered from http://www.gbcindonesia.org/

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