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Online Architecture Degrees

So, this subject of online architecture degrees emerged from a phone call from my father, who mostly talked about my education.

Having a higher education is a matter that doesnt exactly need to be questioned, we all know a college/university degree will help us pursue our future dreams and whatnot and for general living of course. But, most students who are keen on applying to universities always have to look at the finance: the tuition and fees. Even though most universities and institutions are open about their tuition and fees, some  schools keep them hidden. This is a burden for low-income families and a disadvantage for schools with talented students who cant afford to stay in their schools (or apply to them). Well, my father asked me whether you could get an online degree in architecture (i assumed one couldnt at the time) and upon my research I found that in America, there are SOME states that accredit online architecture degrees such as universities in Ohio and Arizona, and that there is one promising university that offers them in Canada. Unfortunately, I haven’t found anything else (although I found that according to the NAARB, there are no universities that offer a complete architecture degree online..)

Personally, I would go about the architecture degree on-campus instead of online. Studying on-campus for your undergraduate has more of an advantage since you create social networks and get direct feedback from peers.

What is your opinion of online architecture degrees? Would you pursue them for undergraduate, masters, or PhD? If you have information about any universities offering them, please do tell. 🙂

-Sofie Januarti

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  1. May 31, 2011 at 12:01 pm

    It’s interesting news sofie. Thank you for sharing. For me, its better to choose education directly by studying on campus so we can learn how to interact with each other inside of learning architecture. I think that in this era, we have chances to choose what ever we want according to our duties. For me, this is good information for us.

  2. architectureintlprogram
    June 1, 2011 at 12:47 am

    I agree with Sheiren. Taking online studies for a degree is interesting but only suitable for several fields (not including architecture) like business or something. Architecture studies involve lots of research and interaction between students and also lecturers in brainstorming, design exploration, etc so it is best learned by attending normal courses in universities, thank you for sharing by the way, Sofie.

    – Helen

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