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Architecture as Advertising

By Marvin Julian

Architecture has been a marketing tool for companies, big or small. Using architecture as an icon is a tool to give public a avant-garde high end impression of the company. Many arguments are flowing from architects, critics, and public whether architecture is an advertising tool. Let’s just take a look at our own campus. After the completion of the new avant garde UI library, UI has used the building to promote the campus and eventually raise the public awareness that UI is not the “old-same-university” but the new revamped pimped out fresh hip and happening university whose library is very stylish and jawdropping. It’s not only a very effective advertising gimmick but also an agenda to overthrown other big private universities that has known for its monumental facilities. Whether you realize it or not, it’s an advertising agenda and also very effective one to attract public.

Architecture has become icons for century. Eiffel tower has brought countless revenue to France’s tourism for centuries, same thing with England and Big Ben, China with The Great Wall, and etc. But in the modern world, where no building is as iconic as those mentioned previously, high end avant garde building designed by world known architects are the main weapon in advertising. I’m talking about the Disney Hall by Frank Gehry, Guangzhou Opera House by Zaha Hadid, CCTV Tower by Rem Koolhaas. All are a very effective tool to market the country. The tourist will simply attracted to see in close those larger-than-life contemporary buildings. Those modern structure is as magnetic as those old iconic buildings , and it has been an indication that public is now equally attracted to modern architecture in the same way they are attracted to Eiffel Tower and those old buildings. That is a great news for modern architecture and advertising world, and also for countries which don’t have iconic medieval buildings, just call Gehry make one crazy contemporary building and put it in your banners, people will come like snap. Voila!

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