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Sustainable Living on Urban Design Project for a Better Future

by : Sheiren FJ

Susan Maxman has suggested that “sustainable architecture isn’t a prescription. Its an approach, an attitude. It shouldn’t really even have a label. It should just be architecture” .[i] It describes environmentally design techniques in architecture. The purpose of this research is to analyze the concept of eco city or eco building, based on sustainable living. “ Sentul City,city of Ennovation, is located in Bogor, Indonesia and was launched with four pillars concept. One of those pillars is eco city, city development to ensure harmony based on the concept of Green Property in Kawasan Argenia Sentul City. The percentage of green area is 65%. Another green development is Gujarat International Finance Tech-City or GIFT, under-construction in Gujarat, India. The main purpose of this project is to provide high quality physical infrastructure such as electricity, utility systems, and broadband, so that finance and tech firms can relocate their operations there from other cities, such as Mumbai, etc. By identifying those projects, it will help for analyze the eco-city concept to define sustainable urbanism green cities.
Key word : eco city, sustainable, green city

Sentul City started to be developed in 1993 covering with 3.100 hectares. It is well-known as the largest and exclusive Urban Development Project in the South Jakarta. It won an award from the Indonesian Property & Bank Award 2010 as the Most Favorite Cluster with Green Wall Implementation & Eco Friendly Development [ii]. Developing this eco-city project, PT Sentul City Tbk (BKSL) and Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB) created a cooperation to make the area in Sentul City into eco-friendly urban areas or ‘Eco City’. A good plan has been released, then BKSL and IPB will implement the greenery, ecological buildings and performance methods for environmental management. They will use approximately 2.000 hectares of the area to build for integrated residential areas. Herry Suhardiyanto, the Rector of IPB, regards this cooperation as a form of corporate responsibility for businesses to address the severity of the impact in global warming [iii].

The second project is Gujarat International Finance Tech-City or GIFT which is under-construction as a world-class city in the Indian state of Gujarat. It will occupy a green field site of more than 500 acres in the developing state of Gujarat. It becomes the world’s largest international financial services center and IT hub when it is completed in 2017. GIFT will function as an environmentally friendly eco-city, incorporating renewable energy sources like solar power, energy-efficient intelligent buildings, and district cooling. The site is located on the bank of river Sabarmati is about 12 kilometres from Ahmedabad International Airport [iv]. The development of GIFT offers a significant opportunity to give sustanaible living in various fields and the important part is an environmental protection. The purpose of the design is used for the global finance services industry which control the residential activity along with other social infrastructure provision to keep the city alive and active .

Comparing to the Sentul City and GIFT,India, both of them have same goal to reach sustainable living for urban design project. GIFT provides more than 500 acres for green space and Sentul City has built more than 50% of 3.100 hectares for green space. Sentul City has new systems, such as green map and using green wall and roof for construction. The landmark project of GIFT is reaching the target of financial growth and improvement of high technology in several sectors. Sentul City has a target to be a role model developer building integrated and reaching Eco-Friendly city by using local human resources, so it will decrease the cost of building development.

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