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Sustainable Architecture II by Helen Pangestu

Sustainable urban architecture is actually about a sustainable environment as a whole. It is not just only about one building or architecture. It is about the whole ensemble such as a village, city, or even a country. We should not only think of how to make a sustainable area, but also how to achieve a more sustainable area. Green building often takes advantage of renewable resources like using sunlight through passive or active solar devices or using the plants and trees for increasing the water system, etc. Green buildings are identical with efficiency and effectiveness. The designs are all about how to make an efficient and effective building. This starts from siting and structural design efficiency, energy efficiency, water efficiency, materials efficiency, indoor environmental quality enhancement, operations and maintenance optimization, and water reduction.

Moreover, architecture relates to the positive and negative spaces. Architects do not only think about the object or the building, but also the spaces created by the buildings, the flow that is created by the existence of the architecture. Sustainable urban architecture is about the connection between one building and another, the flow and the movement of the humans living in the architecture. Sustainability is about how effective and efficient the urban area is as a whole, in all aspects, and about how people living in the city enjoy urban architecture and the environment. Nevertheless, there are plenty of things that we as architects and urban planners can do in order to achieve a more sustainable urban architecture. Below is the list of technical things that the urbanist must plan in order to achieve a more sustainable city http://www.gardenvisit.com:

– Design sustainable urban drainage systems, then the city will require less input of water and less output of waste water
– Respect the Genius Loci (the protective spirit of a place) and use local materials. Then the city will require fewer import of construction materials.
– Orientate buildings correctly and design with microclimate. Then less energy will be required for heating and cooling.
– Make greater use of native and local plant materials. Then the planting schemes will require less irrigation, less maintenance and less input of chemicals.
Design beautiful and convenient paths then people will walk more and cycle more. When people get more exercise, they will have better health, so that the costs for healthcare will also be reduced and there will has less medical problem.
– Design buildings with vegetated roofs. Then the buildings will be better insulated, and will therefore require less heating in winter and less cooling in summer.
– Design beautiful sky parks and sky gardens. Then the city will be more compact because there will be fewer roads, fewer parking lots and more green spaces.

In conclusion, a more sustainable environment can be created through making a more sustainable urban architecture. Our environment is architecture. We live in architecture. Our job as a future architect is to make architecture and the urban environment more sustainable.

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