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Digital Technology in Architecture

May 11, 2011 Leave a comment

by Andika Ibnu Praditya – 1006717590

Digital Technology has helped architect to become more digitalized. The presence of Computer Aided Design programs such as AutoCAD and ArchiCAD has really helped architects in their design of a building. Many architects have said that CAD has made their work easier and has really had a big impact in the architectural world. But can the architects today with the help of CAD still be able to compete with architects from the past that did not use CAD in any of their designs?

Architects of the past have used traditional methods such as sketches, hand drawings, free drawings, and perspective drawings by using their hands. They have created many incredible designs which have now been an iconic figure in some parts of the world. Take for instance the Empire State building in New York for example. This building was built by architects Shreve, Lamb and Harmon in 1929-1931[1]. At that time of year, the existence of CAD was not presence, but they were able to create a building that is still standing to date and is still an iconic figure in New York City. This just shows how architects of the past can achieve great honors without the help of digital technology.

Nowadays, architects are starting to depend on digital technology to help them in creating their building designs and they are starting to leave the old method of hand drawing the designs. The use of digital technology such as Computer Aided Design seems to be a must in designing buildings because they say that the digital technology can help make the work more precise in terms of measurement. But the feel of drawing is no longer felt and this can create architects that do not have the basic method of design which is drawing it by hand.

[1] an article about the empire state building.


Hygiene in Lenteng Agung

May 11, 2011 1 comment

by Andika Ibnu Praditya – 1006717590

Hygiene, cleanliness and sanitation are all difficult matters to conquer in rural areas in Jakarta. This problem has been around for as long as there have been people living in these rural areas. Jakarta is one of the most polluted cities in the world. According to the World Bank, Jakarta is currently the eighth most polluted city in the world[1].  This just shows the lack of respect towards hygiene.

Lenteng Agung, a sub district in Greater Jakarta situated in South Jakarta and is bordered by Depok to the south. The district is one of the contributors to the problem of sanitation in Jakarta.  Even though overall the area is clean, but garbage and other rubbish can still be found lying on the streets waiting for someone to pick it up. Everywhere in Lenteng Agung you can come across so much rubbish that people have just throw carelessly away without even thinking about the ill-effects it can bring.


By throwing rubbish away carelessly, it can cause the area to look very dirty. Besides that, diseases and many other effects such as floods and unwanted animals can come into the area. The diseases that can be caused by garbage can be diphtheria and many other bacteria-related diseases. These diseases can be harmful for humans if not treated right away. Another problem that garbage can cause is floods. The amount of garbage piles up and causes the flow of water in the sewers into rivers to be abnormal and create flooding. This is a problem that Jakarta has to face and has been a problem for a very long time in Jakarta. Unwanted animals such as rodents and insects can be easily found. These animals like to be in places that are dirty because it provides them with lots of food for them to survive.

What are the solutions to this problem? First of all, people must learn about the side effects. People throw away their garbage improperly because of the lack of respect towards cleanliness. By giving better education about being clean and the importance of hygiene, people will start to change and become more aware towards cleanliness.

Second, in rural areas, people will just throw their domestic garbage outside their homes. So, the best way to help is by creating a place in front of the house that can keep the garbage until someone in charge comes to take the garbage away.


Another way is by recycling the products that are already used and turn these items into something else. For instance, you can re-use the plastic water bottles and turn it into art and crafts that can be useful for our children. By doing this, we can lessen our own domestic waste that is part of the problems in rural areas.

In Lenteng Agung, there are 3 garbage disposal areas, 2 garbage trucks, 37 garbage carts, and also 1 janitor. All these facilities are used to help keep the area clean for the residents that live there. This also shows the efforts of the residents to keep the area clean and healthy so that people will be far from the negative effects that garbage can cause.

A recycling system that can be used in this semi-rural area can be implemented by separating the organic and the non-organic waste. The residents can easily separate their garbage and put it in a place that is designed to separate the waste. Then a garbage crew can go by and pick the separated waste and carry it to a recycling facility that can recycle the waste.

Sanitation in Lenteng Agung can be said to be relatively clean, but there are still many places that are still in need of better sanitation and this is where the residents can come in to help keep the area clean. We can still tell people to properly dispatch their garbage by not burning the garbage, by not throwing it away recklessly and by keeping the environment clean for them.

[1] World Bank is an organization that works to freeing the world from poverty.

[2] A picture of an area in the suburbs of Lenteng Agung

[3] The built map and the green space of Lenteng Agung

Architects; living the dream..

March 22, 2011 5 comments

by Andika Ibnu Praditya (1006717590)

Being a part of the grand society of architects is a difficult process to endure. Architecture is said to be one of the most prestigious careers in the world. Architects plan and design structure that fulfill human needs and they also communicate through their designs or what we might call as “masterpieces”. Besides that, an architect is someone that can create something out of nothing for example, an empty space has now become a twenty story high building.

Getting on to that top spot of architect is very difficult. The process you have to get through, the sacrifices you have to make, the endless days without sleep that you have, and also the time spent basically staring at your designs is a very though and endurable process to get through. I salute those architects that have been able to come this far in their lives and receive the respect and honor that they truly deserve.

The world without architects would be a very dull and boring world. The creativity that an architect can bring is something that can please the hearts of millions. An example that can be found near our home is the monas building in Central Jakarta. It is truly an iconic figure of indonesian success and has become a symbol of freedom for the indonesian culture. The monas itself was designed by architects Soedarsono and Frederich Silaban. Their creation has been able to captivate the hearts of the indonesian people. This just shows that an architect can create something special that can influence the lives of millions of people nationwide and also worldwide.

Becoming an architect is truly a dream that many ponder upon. The illustrious feel of achievement when you successfully finish your design is a feeling that can truly be indescribable. But before you are able to feel that, you have to get through many difficult processes that need you to sacrifice many things.

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