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Green Building: Solution Or a Gimmick?

Since the issue of global warming is getting widespread, many reactions and idea is offered. a very popular reaction of infrastructure development is the emerging of green building. green buildings are building that its existence does not interrupt the balance of natural ecology’s properties. green building was aimed not to compliment the global warming by increasing solar glare. it does not produce more carbon waste, poisoning soil and reducing water reservoir area. moreover some green building even aided the reserve of nature.

Green building has gain popularity as a common concern of environmental issues. it may be a very pleasing idea for the world, but is it actually that good? many building has claimed that the building is environmental friendly only because it utilize natural lightings. other claimed their usage of solar panels as an ecological friendly movement. there are many reasons for the existence of green buildings, but i doubt  it was a pure intention to save earth. many people eventually simply followed the trend of ecological sentiment. many people build “green”building just for the sake of impressionism and self perception.

The main reason is not the concern of nature but the publics sentiment. many people want to give the impression of how they are concern to the nature by making a green building. the self claimed green building is a dangerous trend. this will deceive us. it will let people prohibiting the making of new building. a building is a thread to the nature. it poisons the soil, it reduces open space and interrupts wind flow. imagine how nature should suffer if we are fooled by this “green buildings”. our aim is not specially create building that helped the nature perseverance, but by making a building does not effect it is already a great favor.

To prevent the misconception of green building, a particular  organization should provide a green building certificate. and to claim a green building, someone must have the certificate. remember, the aim is not perception, but the continuity of natural perseverance.

an example of a very exelect green building is a house located in the 995 Longbow Place, Lakespur, Colorado.


Considered one of the greenest luxury homes ever built, this 9,800 square ft large Colorado home has a meagre utility bill amounting to $350 a month. compare it to 10 times smaller houses in Jakarta with the same expenses. The home, which is valued at $4.5m is equipped with high efficiency solar panels, and wrap-around wall insulation to provide heat during fall and winter. It’s constructed entirely out of recycled and organic materials, such as volatile organic compound-free paints.
who says luxury cannot be ecological friendly?


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The Expression of a Nation

Architecture is explicitly known as an expression applied in a building. It is very common for people to apply their taste in their building. If you have ever watch,  in a scale of a personal house, people tend to express their expression in the form of their house. Architecture is not simply to make something looks good. In many cases Architecture is a way of expressing their ideas. in a similar approach of understanding the role of architecture, it is very common too that a nation will be expressed in their architectural infrastructure. After its Independence, Indonesia then rise and build its capital city, the momentum of joy and pride post war has propelled this county to build it. the complex in Monas has a very expressive purpose for this nation. The Monas itself, being one of Indonesia’s landmark, is one way of expressing the pride of this nation. The Monas is known for its golden tip. Without being told, it is easy to tell what does the building have to show. The mosque Istiqlal is also an example. In the show “Mata Rajwa”(22:30 May 11, 2011) it is said that Ir. Soekarno once said “If our ancestor build Borobudur and last until this date, I will make the Istiqlal to stand for thousands of years”. It was also said that the grand Cathedral in the complex was also the master plan. It was build to show the tolerance of the nation. And the statues in Indonesia, in the Hotel Indonesia Runabout, in Pancoran was also build in the timeframe. it was also expressing the expression of freedom. So there we have it, in the larger scale of a nation, Architecture can also find its way as a form of expression.

Monas, Indonesia's landmark, known for its golden tip

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