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The Strata SE1 ‘The Razor’, Sky Scrapper with Wind Turbines

Located in the London Borough of Southwark in London, England. The Strata SE 1 building become the center attention to the architecture world. Not just about revolutionary design of form and structure. With the development of technology and importance to keep the environment, the Strata SE1 building or well known as The Razor has unique concept of building.

This residential sky scrapper has the source of energy as the consideration of design, since it will be home to more than 1.000 residents. Strata SE1 is one of the first buildings in the world to incorporate alternative source of energy, and installed within the structure. Equipped with 3 wind turbines at the top part of the building, The Razor would generate 8% of its energy needs.

The Razor designed by BLFS and the Brookfield Construction as the main contractor. With development of technology nowadays, this idea of design surely can be implemented, as this building finished in the year 2010. Not only about the beauty of the design, but also the consideration of keeping the sustainability side. Maybe at first, this design is a kind of crazy idea, but in the end with all the preparation and calculation, The Strata SE1 building established with all innovative idea.

Justin Black, director for Brookfield, the developer, said the decision to choose wind was a “conscious decision to experiment”. He pointed out that the entire southern facade of the building would have had to be covered in solar photovoltaics to generate the same amount of energy. “The brief we gave to Hamilton’s Architects was we wanted a statement, we wanted to create benchmarks for sustainability and urban living. We wanted something bold, we wanted remarkable. It’s what I term Marmite architecture – you either love it or you hate it, there’s no in between,” Black said.

Nowadays, we already have the advanced technology and advanced engineering that allow us to implement these to the building since now it is the right time to consider about the environment. Today, it is up to the architect and the constructor how the future environment will be affected by the building because now the world needs more creative ideas.