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Architecture Breakthrough, Rotating Towers

Architects has to have the consideration to all aspects of their own design. Sometimes in the real world, many architects are forgotten and left something important of what a design is. A design is not only about the looks, but it is about every single thing related to a person, community, environment, landscape, economy, culture, and many aspects to think about. Well, i can say that architecture can be a ‘bridge’ which connects almost everything in this world. With every developments that we have today, architects should be more innovative and being out of the box.

Architecture always related to idea and concept of design, and they can come up from anything and become a crazy idea. Today architects are racing in the line of making more and more crazy idea of architecture design. It is of course starts from imagination, and implemented to a creative and innovative design, because everyone have their own imagination.

An idea of having different view at a time, is one of reasons of having this design. Here, I am taking examples of amazing architecture creation. David Fisher with his Dynamic Architecture. A beautiful and stunning building design which literally dynamic, the rotating tower. Simply this building has the standing core part in the middle, and every story is attached to the core. Each floor in this tower is rotating.

This video, shows the magical effect of this shape-shifting tower.

“Uniquely, each floor will be able to rotate independently. This will result in a constantly changing shape of the tower. Each floor will rotate a maximum of 6 meters per minute, or one full rotation in 90 minutes. It will also be the world’s first prefabricated skyscraper with 40 factory-built modules for each floor. 90% of the tower will be built in a factory and shipped to the construction site. This will allow the entire building to be built in only 22 months. The only part of the tower that will be built at the construction site will be the core. Part of this prefabrication will be the decrease in cost and number of workers. The total construction time will be over 30% less than a normal skyscraper of the same size. The core will serve each floor with a special, patented connection for clean water, based on technology used to refuel airplanes in mid-flight.”

The rotation on each floor of the building create different shape in the whole building as it is rotating. Behind all of the aesthetic side of the design, David Fisher also implement the solar panel to generate part of the electricity consumption. A concept of design which is having a remarkable building, with the amazing shape-shifting effect, and also sustainable to the environment.

Architects today already have all the stuff that provide them the convenience to create more and more innovative idea of design. It is the time for us to make another breakthrough to the world.

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The Strata SE1 ‘The Razor’, Sky Scrapper with Wind Turbines

Located in the London Borough of Southwark in London, England. The Strata SE 1 building become the center attention to the architecture world. Not just about revolutionary design of form and structure. With the development of technology and importance to keep the environment, the Strata SE1 building or well known as The Razor has unique concept of building.

This residential sky scrapper has the source of energy as the consideration of design, since it will be home to more than 1.000 residents. Strata SE1 is one of the first buildings in the world to incorporate alternative source of energy, and installed within the structure. Equipped with 3 wind turbines at the top part of the building, The Razor would generate 8% of its energy needs.

The Razor designed by BLFS and the Brookfield Construction as the main contractor. With development of technology nowadays, this idea of design surely can be implemented, as this building finished in the year 2010. Not only about the beauty of the design, but also the consideration of keeping the sustainability side. Maybe at first, this design is a kind of crazy idea, but in the end with all the preparation and calculation, The Strata SE1 building established with all innovative idea.

Justin Black, director for Brookfield, the developer, said the decision to choose wind was a “conscious decision to experiment”. He pointed out that the entire southern facade of the building would have had to be covered in solar photovoltaics to generate the same amount of energy. “The brief we gave to Hamilton’s Architects was we wanted a statement, we wanted to create benchmarks for sustainability and urban living. We wanted something bold, we wanted remarkable. It’s what I term Marmite architecture – you either love it or you hate it, there’s no in between,” Black said.

Nowadays, we already have the advanced technology and advanced engineering that allow us to implement these to the building since now it is the right time to consider about the environment. Today, it is up to the architect and the constructor how the future environment will be affected by the building because now the world needs more creative ideas.

Great Women in Architecture World

Architects world mostly dominated by men. In fact, most students in architectural education, are women. However, in the end, only a few of them who become practitioners. A woman should try harder to survive in the world of architecture. Here are some great women in the world of architecture.

1. Zaha Hadid

Nationality: Iraqi-British

Date of Birth: 31 October 1950

Education: Architectural Assiciation School of Architecture

Firm: Zaha Hadid Architects

Awards: 11 Awards, the most recent is Stirling Prize 2010

Projects : Maxxi, Bridge Pavillion, Guangzhou Opera House, and many more


2. Kazuyo Sejima

Nationality: Japanese

 Date of Birth: 1956

 Education: Japan Women’s University

 Firm: Kazuyo Sejima and Associates

 Awards: 6 awards, the most recent is Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2010.

 Projects: Rolex Learning Center, Serpentine Pavilion, and many more.


3. Denise Scott Brown

 Nationality: American

 Date of Birth: 3 October 1931

 Education: Architectural Association School in Architecture

 Firm: Venturi, Scott Brown and Associates

 Awards: 9 awards, the most recent is AIA Firm Award 1985

 Projects: Seattle Art Museum, BASCO Showroom, and many more.


4. DS. Vitorini

 Nationality: Indonesian

 Date of Birth: 

 Education: Parahyangan University

 Firm: GAEA Architect


 Projects: The Ship and many more

 Websites: on process

Great women above, can become an inspiration for women who have a dream to become architects. All it takes is confidence, hard work and patience. Everything is possible.


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Projects Taking Shape in China

Today China is experiencing a golden period in the economic field, even mentionedthat China’s economy is better if compared with the United States. The progress ofthe economy, affecting development in the most populous countries in the world.Many modern buildings projects that changed the landscape of this country. Below is a list of just a few of projects that are designed by foreign practices in China, often collaborating with local Chinese design institue.

1. Looped Hybrid Housing, Beijing, 2006, Steven Holl Architects

2. Suzhou Museum, Beijing, 2006, Pei Partnership with Suzhou Institute of Architectural Design

3. CCTV Headquarters, Beijing, 2008, OMA.

4. Water Cube, Beijing, 2008, PTW Architects.

5. Guangzhou Opera House, Guangzhou, 2010, Zaha hadid Arhitects.

China is known by the people who love their indigenous culture, but remain open to changes that lead them to a better direction. Indonesia, which is one of developing countries in Asia, is not possible to be able to do the same. By keep on trying, nothing is impossible right?


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